Can I just buy one of the MaxFunDrive gifts? | Maximum Fun

Can I just buy one of the MaxFunDrive gifts?

MaxFunDrive gifts are a special thank-you to the monthly members who sustain our shows and our network. As such, we don't sell them...

...except for one exception. To say thanks to all of the folks who already contribute at the qualifying level of $10 or more but cannot upgrade this year, we will be putting the pins on sale for $10 and up members after the drive ends IF we hit our goal. Like our pin sale last year, the proceeds from this sale will be donated to charity. Maximum Fun will not be earning money from this sale (and, in truth, merchandise is not a great way to sustain a creative endeavor in general).

So, if you've been listening to more shows this year or if MaxFun is a bigger part of your life lately, the best way to show your support is still to upgrade your monthly contribution.